How we Coach

Coaching is creative process. It is inspiring and idea-generating. It is solution- and future-focused, it is systematic and is based around a preset objective, personal or professional. It is conducted with the assistance of the coach.

The coach listens attentively and uses inquisitive techniques mostly. They help to elaborate details and to organize information. They view issues from a different perspective, mirror the situation and help to reveal the hidden aspects.

But of course, in reality it is way more than this. When a coachee struggles to express themselves, when they are stuck in thoughts, we help them move on by pulling them out of their comfort zone, by challenging them and guiding them towards broader views. Thus, new horizons emerge. Always.

Only in an honest and open conversation, can coachees’ personal limitations surface. In turn, coach mirrors reality sans bias, drops their defences, and drives them. These are all necessary to move forward, to reach higher levels, and to improve.

Our belief is that coaching is an efficient process that balances improvement and progress within an optimal timeframe, where we combine the techniques and tools of coaching and consulting with our own professional, leadership and multicultural experiences.

“This makes up the three legs of our coaching chair – coaching tools and techniques, consulting tools and techniques, and our personal knowledge and experiences.”