About us

3 legged chair
Imagine a three-legged chair.
And have a seat.
It doesn’t wobble, it’s safe.
You could stand on it, it’s stable.

We, coaches, are like intellectual trainers. We encourage leaders when they are in need.
They sit on our three-legged chair and have a rest. They organize their thoughts and jump into hard work. They systematically strive for solutions in an inspiring environment. Sometimes they experience enlightenment, sometimes uncertainty, but we are there to help them overcome it. Sometimes they stand on the chair to gain new perspectives, to reach higher, to grow. In a trustful set-up with the coach, there is no way to sweep anything under the rug. We are aware life comes with difficulties, but they are essential for progress.
And after, they leave us behind, and call us when they feel a need for the three-legged chair again.
In the fast-changing and complex world we live in today, there is always a need for support. For all of us, including us, coaches.

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